‘The Newsroom’ season 3 video: Olivia Munn highlights great Sloan moments

In just a matter of a couple of days from now, the glorious show that is “The Newsroom” will return to HBO with all-new episodes. Luckily, you’re not going to have to wait that long at all to see another video featuring some highlights from one of the show’s cast members.

In the clip below coming to us straight from the network, Olivia Munn introduces what are ultimately a pretty-darn entertaining series of video highlights that really put Sloan Sabbath in the spotlight. There are many reasons to like this character, with one of the primary ones being that she is one of the show’s best sources of awkward comedy. Even though she is brilliant, she doesn’t exactly know how to keep it together in social circles, read into context cues, or say the right thing at the right time.

Basically, she has so much in common with the rest of the ACN staff: She’s flawed. The difference is just that she is flawed in different ways. She always tries to get the best information, but sometimes struggles to find the best ways to deliver it.

While it is still reasonably unclear just what is going to be happening on the third and final season of the HBO drama, we have to stay still that we are very much pulling for both Sloan and Don to be together happy by the end. This became a great potential couple around the end of the first season, and then things really started to pick up for them come the end of season 2.

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