‘Chicago PD’ season 2, episode 6 review: Did Ruzek, Atwater survive in prison?

On Wednesday night’s new episode of “Chicago PD,” we finally saw an episode that really showcased the potential of what this series can do. There was relentless action and great performances, but it also felt like the show had a little bit more of a voice.

For a few weeks, it felt like this series didn’t know whether or not it wanted to be a gritty serial or a same-old procedural, and so it shuffled back and forth. It couldn’t find that balance most of the time. Tonight, it seemed to get many of the pieces together. It is probably 70% or so procedural, but that is okay when you give characters interesting things to do.

For the characters of Ruzek and Atwater, this specifically meant tonight having to go behind bars to get information on the inside. You probably knew they would survive, but that was almost beside the point. It was more about the journey, and how far deep they had to go. It also proved itself to be a very interesting study on the complicated relationships that exist between police officers and those who work within prisons.

While Lindsay debated over her future, there were many other fascinating threads that played out tonight, and most importantly, there was balance with all the characters. We felt the past two episodes like there wasn’t enough of Sophia Bush to justify the whole #WomenCrushWednesday promotion, and that was altered slightly. There was also more of other supporting faces, and a little less Voight. We believe personally that for him, less can sometimes be more. Episode Grade: B.

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