‘The Blacklist’ season 2, episode 7 review: Is Zoe D’Antonio Red’s daughter, or Berlin’s?

The Blacklist logo any seasonGoing into Monday night’s new episode of “The Blacklist,” we heard time and time again that the show was planning to unveil what was one of Raymond Reddington’s “biggest secrets” to date. Anytime that you hear something like that, don’t you get a little bit interested?

Well, it took a little while before we got to anything that substantial in “The Scimitar,” given that we had to spend some time with the Mossad agent we care little for, Liz and Ressler in a hospital that is almost as bad as the one Beth was in on “The Walking Dead,” and Reddington show off his golfing skills.

Also, we learned that Tom is still trying to manipulate his ex-wife from within the confines of his makeshift prison, trading information for ways to stay warm. Maybe Liz wants to kill him, but she hasn’t yet. There is a little something more to this story that is still set to be revealed here over time.

Really, the highlight of this episode was the big twist in the end. Did you see it coming that Zoe D’Antonio was actually Berlin’s daughter rather than Red’s? We did when the scene came, but before that, it was all a little unclear. This does tie everyone together, though, and reminds us that Berlin may not be the adversary we once though. He no longer has an ax to grind with Reddington, after all.

Overall, we’re still torn on “The Blacklist” season 2. It is in a little of a sophomore slump, and a few good shockers don’t change that. Still, they at least help to recover the show slightly from a pretty terrible reveal last week. Grade: B.

What was your take on tonight’s “Blacklist,” and are you now ready for the fall finale? (Photo via NBC.)

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