‘Gotham’ episode 7 review: What does Victor Zsasz bring to the table?

There were many reasons to enjoy tonight’s new episode of “Gotham” entitled “Penguin’s Umbrella,” and not all of them actually involved the man otherwise known as Oswald Cobblepot, as incredible as he may be.

The biggest introduction in this episode was a pretty strong adaptation of the famous Batman adversary Victor Zsasz, who in this episode was still relatively young, but still a complete psychopath with an interest in marking his victims on his skin. He was used ultimately in here as a tool for Falcone, who used him in order to capture Barbara Keen, and ultimately convince Jim Gordon not to arrest both him and the Mayor.

Was Victor very cool? Sure, but we want to see him even more deadly and crazy. Maybe he is going to become that a little bit down the road. He’s at least a notable character in this world.

While our heroes are still alive, Falcone has even more power than he ever did before. As it turns out, the Penguin had a plan here all along from the beginning, and it included him using Gordon to not kill him off, and him handing over the secrets to Fish Mooney’s empire and the plan to eventually take over. While we don’t always love being tricked to think one thing, only to have it turn around on us, we didn’t mind it this time. The Penguin is not our leading plan, so a little deception for the viewer here and there is fine.

What is most important is that “Gotham” is starting to find its stride, and the more it moves away from the procedural elements, the better it is going to be in the end. Grade: B+.

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