‘Gotham’ spoilers: The Scarecrow is coming … sort of

Given the premise of “Gotham,” isn’t it understandable that the producers would want to introduce as many villains as possible? Of course, the problem with that is the sole fact that the more you introduce now, even as children, then the more likely it is that someday Batman is going to be squaring off against a bunch of people at least his own age, if not older.

This is what makes the news today regarding the Scarecrow all the more interesting, especially since the show already did a storyline that we would have considered to be their version of the plot.

With that being said, a new report from Zap2It (coming from executive producer Danny Cannon at Stan Lee’s Comikaze convention) claims that the show is looking to include Scarecrow in an interesting way. Basically, they may have a father character who is the original Scarecrow, and they could pass the “talents” on to their son to eventually face off with Batman. Therefore, it gives the Fox series a unique villain to tackle, while not destroying the canon that has already been introduced.

Depending on the character, we’d be okay with this. Penguin right now is the only super-interesting villain that the show has; Fish Mooney is a little too over-the-top, Falcone is a little too much “traditional mob,” and the young Selina Kyle to us has not been that impressive, and we’d prefer to not just shoehorn her in wherever the show sees fit.

What do you think about this idea? Smart, or a little too risky for its own good? Share your thoughts right now with a comment.

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