‘The Walking Dead’ season 5, episode 4 reaction: Emily Kinney on ‘Slabtown’ surprise

Slabtown Beth -To say the very least, Sunday night’s new episode of “The Walking Dead” was certainly strange, wasn’t it? Emily Kinney was the only series regular through the majority of it, and it was not until the very end of “Slabtown” that we saw a surprise in the form of Carol (Melissa McBride) showing up and playing a part in the proceedings.

So does Carol showing up on a gurney change Beth’s plan? It may, since she certainly has to know a little of what this lady is capable of … even if she did miss out on the complete Badass Action Hero Carol that we saw during the season 5 premiere.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Kinney said the following about some of the changes that could be coming in the direction of her character now following all of the events of this episode:

“I hope that snaps what Beth’s idea was. That snaps her out and changes how she might approach if she wants to run away or attack Dawn. Seeing Carol makes her stop and rethink what her game plan is. Does she pretend not to know Carol?”

We do feel like Beth will be reunited with the rest of the group by the end of the fall half of this season, but it may take a little bit of time to see the story progress to that point. For example, we’ve yet to even see an indication that the new episode next week will focus on anyone other than Abraham’s team as they move ahead towards Washington.

What did you think about this particular “Walking Dead” episode, and is there anything in particular you are hoping to see with Beth moving forward? Let us know right now! Also, click here to watch an extended preview right now for what lies ahead for the AMC show, or here to get some further TV updates on all we cover via our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo via ABC.)

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