‘Scorpion’ season 1, episode 7 review: Cabe Gallo shows his soft side… also Peek Freans

Last week “Scorpion” started to really hit the ground running with a few major story lines. We had Paige actually start to become a functioning member of the team as Walter started to pay attention and implement some of what she was saying and we had the romantic spark between Paige and Walter that we all knew was coming.

When Paige gets a message from Drew (Ralph’s father and a semi pro-baseball player) she’s not sure that she wants to talk to him since he hasn’t seen Ralph in 7 years. Of course the Scorpion team start to ask a lot of questions and for the first time Paige actually doesn’t want to talk. Paige tells Walter not to look into Drew, but since she didn’t tell Toby not to, he decides to dig further into what Drew has been doing and what his intentions are since the team is worried that Drew is not only going to hurt Ralph, but also hurt Paige.

Toby finds out that Drew has a past battery charge, but before he can tell the gang anything else Drew shows up at the Scorpion warehouse. Drew wants to be a father to Ralph now that his career is all washed up, but Paige isn’t sold on the idea. She says she will think about it and sends Drew on his way, but she doesn’t think it’s a great idea because it will confuse Ralph.

When Paige finds out that the team has been digging into Drew’s past, she tells them that his battery charge was from a baseball that hit another player in the face and they charged him.

All of this brings up some father issues for Happy since her mother died during child birth and her father abandoned her. When Toby gives her a file filled with information about her father and she shreds it, but it inspires her to tell Paige that if she has a chance to give Ralph peace of mind knowing who his father is then she should do it. It also inspires Happy to pull the shredded picture of her father out of the shredder and meet him at his work… of course she doesn’t tell him who she is.

We also had a chance to see into Walter’s past with Gallo and how Gallo ended up being more of a father figure to him then his own father. Walter’s father wasn’t a bad man, he just didn’t understand him the way that Gallo did. Gallo may not be a genius, but he was able to make a connection with Walter and teach him a few things over the years. When Walter was a teenager Gallo got Walter to make software to drop aid packagers to those in need, but their relationship falls to pieces when he finds out that they used the software to drop bombs.

Props to Cabe Gallo for giving a shout out to Peek Freans cookies…. also our absolute favorite cookie, if you haven’t had one we suggest that you drop what you are doing and go to the store right now and buy a bag. They are magic. Episode grade: B

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Scorpion” and are you a fan of the Paige character more then we are?

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