‘Ink Master: Rivals’ season 5, episode 10 podcast: Jessa, Bart on Emily Elegado elimination, Mark Longenecker

Ink MasterEmily Elegado may not have been everyone’s favorite tattoo artist on this season of “Ink Master” but there hasn’t been a contestant on this show, from any season, that has been more memorable then Emily. She came in guns blazing, producing some bad ass tattoos and causing drama at every turn, but at the end of the day isn’t that what you want to see on a TV show about tattoos?

On this week’s CarterMatt “Ink Master: Rivals” podcast, Jessa and Bart will be talking about the rise and fall of Emily Elegado: What she did right, what she did wrong and how every step she made will easily have clients lining up around the block to get tattooed by her.

We will also be talking about Mark Longenecker, who is an artist that has been at the bottom so many times that his first skull pick win may have gone to his head a bit… or did it? Mark made some interesting choices, asked the canvases all the right questions and threw the top dogs some real curve balls. Mark has done the most with his skull pick this season (and maybe from any season really) and we hope he wins more of them, because watching his blood bath was completely entertaining.

Last but not least will will also be talking about Joshua Hibbard and why we think that he may have pushed his way past Cleen Rock One for the win this year. It has seemed that Cleen was the judges pick from early on (and if you’ve watched this show since the beginning then you know that the judges pick their favorites pretty much right away), but Joshua has been right there with Cleen every step of the way. He has over come his short comings from season 3 and has tackled some hard pieces, including his giant Jesus rib piece that Tommy Montoya said he wants on his own body.

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