ABC’s ‘Resurrection’ season 2 exclusive: Mark Hildreth on Tom’s story, Michelle Fairley, and surprises

Revenge -While “Resurrection” may have already unloaded quite a few surprises so far into season 2, is it possible that there are even more to come? That seems to be what Mark Hildreth suggested in our recent email interview with him.

The show has changed quite a bit since when we last spoke with him before the series premiere, but one thing does remain the same: His character of Pastor Tom is still trying to reconcile his faith, this changing world, and a life that he never saw coming when he was a seemingly-normal man with a marriage and a church.

Below, take a look at what Mark had to say about his character’s spiritual journey, how much he knows of the story coming up, and also what it has been like having Michelle Fairley around as Margaret Langston.

CarterMatt – Let’s start by looking back at last season. What was your first reaction when you found out about the Rachael character, and that Tom would have this love from his past return who also happened to be pregnant?

Mark Hildreth – I thought it was perfect. It’s so difficult to have a character who is a Pastor in your story, because in many ways it is difficult to relate to and write for their struggle as a person. So Tom had to be put in a really tough situation in order for us to believe that he really didn’t know what to do. When I read the moment at the end of the 3rd episode of season 1 that Rachael was back, I got really excited because it is something that brings all of Tom’s faith and belief in himself and all he holds dear into question. I really wanted to explore what someone of such a devout faith would do in that situation, trying to be a good person and do the right thing for himself, his family and his community. But in a way that everyone could relate to. I think it would be so great if we could start to humanize spiritual leaders as a society. So that was exciting for me.

Mark -How much of the story for season 2 have you been given? Do you prefer to learn what happens as the scripts come in, or to have a general idea of where your character is going in advance?

There are one or two REALLY IMPORTANT things that happen in season 2 that I had some advance notice on. But in general, we as the actors are as in the dark as the audience. We go from week to week, reading the new scripts, and being as shocked as anyone to find out what happens!

One of the real interesting facets of Tom last season was seeing him try to understand faith and his job in such a complicated world. Is that something you are still interested in exploring?

I think it would be a really valuable thing to see what it’s really like for someone in Tom’s position, a religious leader, to struggle with these kinds of questions. I hope I get to do that more. It would be so good for the world.

Do you and the other cast members ever sit around and speculate about the central mystery of why these people are back? Or, is that something you try not to think about?

Of course! There are always a million theories about what’s happening and why. But nobody knows, so we’re always guessing. Every week you think you know what’s up, and then something happens in the next script that blows that all out the window and you’re like ‘nope, back to the drawing board on that theory!’

With having a larger episode order this season, will that lead for some more opportunities to dive into Tom’s past, and maybe explore his relationship with some other characters?

There is something that happens in Tom’s world in the middle of this season that is really going to blow everybody away. And his relationship to everyone else in the story will change. Tom does something that he can never take back, and nothing will ever be the same in Arcadia again.

Have you had a chance to do any work with Michelle Fairley, or spend any time with her on set?

Michelle is one of the most lovely, professional and down to earth actors I have ever had the privilege of working with. She brings so much to her work, and further to that she is so much fun to hang out with. We have had many dinners together, though we’ve never shared the screen (at least not yet!) It was quite the coup for ‘Resurrection’ to sign her and it’s only going to get creepier where her character is going!

Overall, how would you describe season 2, and how it compares with the first season?

Dark. Season 1 was about ‘what does this mean?’ Season 2 is about ‘what do we do about it?’ People start to take action, and that doesn’t always work out well. This season, Resurrection is going to prove that you can’t go back on the past, and your choices always have consequences.

Thanks again to Mark for the responses and the great information! Hopefully, we’ll have more updates on the show throughout the rest of season 2.

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