‘Blue Bloods’ season 5, episode 6 preview: Frank recruits Jamie, but for what?

CBS LogoFriday night, another new episode of “Blue Bloods” is set to air on CBS, and based on the sneak peek video, you can at least take some joy in the news that Halloween is actually going to be at least a small part in the story. If nothing else, it is at least referenced.

With that being said, October 31 is not exactly the focus of the entire story here. Instead, it is more on whether or not Frank can convince Jamie to step back into the boxing ring for an upcoming event, even though he is not exactly in the shape to do it right now. He tries to convince him to give it a go, and given that the show wouldn’t be pulling this story out of nowhere unless there was a reason for it, we imagine that they will figure out a way to make this story happen in the end.

As for the rest of the episode, there is still some mystery surrounding it, but we will at least say for now that we are happy that Frank is getting to do something a little more lighthearted for a change in this video. It feels like lately, the man has just been perpetually burdened with one sad story after another, or a series of controversies that he has been forced to deal with. Ultimately, it is not particularly easy to be one of the most powerful men in police, especially living in such a big city.

We’ll have more news on this episode soon, so stay tuned.

What do you want to see on the “Blue Bloods” episode Friday night? Share your thoughts and predictions with a comment below.

Photo: CBS

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