‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ episode 6 review: Did Dale’s fake immunity idol work?

Dale -Tonight, “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” aired an episode that had some nice moments in it, but also at the same time felt a little like watching air slowly leave a tire. Almost everything that happened in here from start to finish was entirely predictable, and a little bit of a letdown.

It also does not help that there is not really anyone on Coyopa that we find entirely likable at the moment. Despite Baylor’s bizarre somewhat-heroic edit, we don’t find her that interesting. The same goes for Missi, Jon, and Jaclyn, who all seem to be the big voting block at this point in the game. The only interesting thing that maybe came out of this was Keith realizing that he is the low man on the totem pole with this group.

While Baylor had an immunity idol clue, we haven’t seen it amount to much of anything just yet. Dale did just about everything that he could do, from showing a fake immunity idol to working with Jon and Jaclyn, to try to prove that he has a place in this game moving forward. It just did not happen.

Over on Hunahpu, even the big rice exchange was a letdown. We would have been happier if this led to the tribe going to tribal council immediately as a return for all the challenges they won. That didn’t happen. Instead, they lost most of their shelter, even though a merge was coming that renders a ton of that useless. So they had to suffer for a few days. No big deal.

We feel like we’ve been spoiled for the past three seasons with really good “Survivor,” so maybe that is why we are having a hard time really making the transition right now. This is probably the dullest the game has been since the first half of “Caramoan,” when the fans were getting picked off one after the other. Grade: C.

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