‘Chicago Fire’ season 3, episode 6 review: Severide’s fruther troubles; Casey as big brother

Severide -Tonight, the latest episode of “Chicago Fire” took its time to reinforce its points. It started off with Casey proving yet again that he is a protective big brother, and it ended with Severide going a little crazier, Dawson realizing that the training process is not exactly easily. Specifically, Herrmann is proving to be quite a difficult coach for her, but probably the right one that she needs if she ever wants to be 200% ready for this gig at the end of the day.

This episode of the show proved itself to be a good one, and one that actually had a few happy developments to boot by around the end of the hour. Who knew that we’d get to see an ending to one storyline that actually made us smile? We didn’t exactly see this coming when the dust settles. Casey’s efforts proved to be successful.

With Casey, though, what we have to wonder for the time being is rather simple: Are his efforts here going to be noticed, or without reaction? While things ended well for him tonight, we proved elsewhere that it may still be impossible to have everyone smiling on this show.

Ultimately, we saw proof of that courtesy of the scenes that followed Casey tucking in Violet, which featured a pretty brutal beating, and then Severide at a casino, otherwise known as the last place he probably should be right now. Also, what’s with that kiss with Serinda Swan? Grade: B.

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