‘The Blacklist’ season 2, episode 6 review: Is Tom Keen, Reddington secrets behind Liz’s door?

The Blacklist logo any seasonblacklistThere was quite a bit of solid storytelling on Monday night’s “The Blacklist,” but be honest: Were you even able to pay attention after all the hype about Liz Keen and the mystery door?

From our vantage point, hyping up this particular secret so much allowed it to take over the episode … and probably not in a good way. It was a distraction from the rest of the Mombasa Cartel story, which revolved around the search for a different secret far away from Washington. To be fair, it probably did not help much that this story was so much about Ressler and the pills. This story is just so predictable, and we’ve seen it done many times. Heck, it was done on Diego Klattenhoff’s other show in “Homeland.” It’s hard to get excited about this.

Meanwhile, watching Reddington threaten a super-rich man for his role in this trade was thoroughly entertaining, almost as much as the mind games that he decided to start playing on “Jennifer” otherwise known as food truck worker Zoe D’Antonio. It was the whole “losing a hat” trick!

But alas, the end scene was one that we all saw coming a mile away, and it’s pretty terrible: Liz is keeping Tom Keen prisoner behind the door, which was not only painfully out-of-character for her (even with the “hardened” persona), but also completely predictable. Everyone saw this coming.

So basically, the end result of this episode was a distraction before getting to the main event, which was something that didn’t make a whole lot of sense and cheapened a good show to shock-and-awe. This is a huge corner that they’ve back themselves into, and while “The Blacklist” does do so many things well, this may be the episode where we start to lose a little faith. Grade: C-.

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