‘Gotham’ episode 6 review: Bullock’s past, and who knew goats could be so scary?

It only seems appropriate that for an episode airing on the week of Halloween, “Gotham” would air its scariest episode of the season. Ironically, it was also the one that really had the least to do with Bruce Wayne or Batman. Catwoman was completely ignored, and even Fish Mooney was kept on the sidelines.

It also at times really fun to watch, since we went even further into the past to uncover the origins of the Goat, a mysterious masked man who set off a chain of murders many years ago when Bullock and an old partner were on the scene. This is when Harvey was more optimistic, but the years have created all sorts of wear and tear on his soul.

There was an explanation that came in eventually for this that made sense, but not before some more epic scenes. This was a standalone story, but a mostly entertaining one.

The weaker plot right now involves the MCU going after Gordon for Oswald Cobblepot’s death, mostly because it seems so obvious that it is all a vendetta by Montoya over him being with Barbara. We also don’t understand why James is being so secretive at this point with Barbara, since the man seriously needs an outlet. Were it not for a convenient arrival of the Penguin at the end, Gordon would be behind bars right now.

The biggest thing that held “Spirit of the Goat” back was a lesson “Gotham” still needs to learn: Stop trying to be so darn obvious all the time. We don’t need “riddle” jokes to remind us that Nygma is the Riddler. It just feels like the show is somewhat insulting the audience sometimes, and they are also holding their characters back from having a real identity.

We’re mostly giving the episode a decent grade for the Goat story, and because CTV (where we watched the show tonight) aired an “Amazing Race” commercial featuring a goat during a break. We laughed harder than we have in forever. Grade: B-.

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