‘The Blacklist’ season 2, episode 6 preview: Talking Megan Boone’s Liz, the mystery door, and more

The Blacklist logo any seasonTomorrow night, fans of “The Blacklist” are finally going to have the moment that they have long been waiting for: Finding out just what lies behind the precarious door that we have seen mentioned so many times.

Unfortunately, none of the promotional photos released for Monday’s “The Mombasa Cartel” really give away too much when it comes to the story, or what is going to be hidden there. We’ve already speculated here aplenty, but it feels like the leading possibilities right now are as follows.

  1. Tom – They’ve got to find a way to get Ryan Eggold involved in the show again somehow, right?
  2. Clues about Tom – Maybe Liz is conducting her own independent operation, and she wants nobody to really understand what she is up to.
  3. Clues about Reddington’s past – There has to be a reason why she doesn’t want Red watching her, and one of the most likely possibilities here is that she is doing something suspicious that would tick James Spader off.

If nothing else, hopefully this will lead to getting a great performance from Megan Boone, who has had some very good episodes so far this season. No matter what happens, we just hope that it doesn’t change the course of her character. If she has Tom back there, for example, it may cause her to become too different from the woman she met in the pilot. We won’t trust the character much anymore.

If all of this information is not enough for you, remember here that there is also going to be a case involving human-hunters in this episode. Interesting, no?

(Photo via NBC.)

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