‘The Walking Dead’ season 5, episode 3 review: Bob returns with bad news

The Walking DeadPoor, sweet Bob. He’s finally found a little bit of happiness on “The Walking Dead” with Sasha and now he’s becoming dinner for the survivors from Terminus. We will say this about season 5 – they aren’t holding back any punches when it comes to the brutality of the Terminus group. And you thought the Governor was the worst human being alive! This group will not only eat your own leg right in front of you, but they will slit your throats, box you up in a train car like cattle and kill babies if they have to.

Gareth continues to torment Bob going on and on about how good he tastes, how women taste better then men and how he’s going to enjoy eating Sasha. Bob starts laughing at Gareth saying that they are all idiots because he’s been bitten by a walker and they are all eating tainted meat. Regardless if they cooked Bob’s leg before they ate him – will they all turn now? It’s an interesting question.

The group at the church realizes that Bob, Carol and Daryl are missing and Sasha thinks Father Gabriel has something to do with this. We learn that Father Gabriel’s dark secret is that when people started to turn into walkers his congregation came to his church for refuge and he locked them all out to be eaten by walkers. Rick realizes that Gabriel is not behind Bob’s disappearance when he goes outside and sees that the church is marked with an “A” like the train cars were in Terminus. Bob is back at the church and he tells them that he’s been bitten, that there is a small group from Terminus looking for revenge, and that Carol and Daryl drove off together.

Abraham wants to load Eugene onto the bus and go to Washington immediately before the Terminus crew shows up, but Rick wants to wait for Daryl and Carol. After a fight Glenn and Maggie say that they will go with them if they just stay the night.

Rick and a small group leave the church to go where the Terminus survivors are, but as they leave, Gareth and his group show up at the church to take the remaining survivors. The storm the church and start listing off the people who are left in the church saying that he knows Rick left with the guns. As it turns out it’s all a ruse to get the Terminus group trapped at the church, to kill them all – threat neutralized!

The next day Abraham takes his group (including Glenn and Maggie and drives the bus off to Washington, but not before giving Rick’s group a map of the route they are taking so they can meet up when Daryl and Carol come back.

The highlight of this episode for us was watching Daryl arriave back at the church – but something’s off. Unfortunately we lost Bob, just when we were finally starting to get to know him and although Sasha wasn’t strong enough to stab Bob before he turned into a walker, Tyreese showed him mercy and love. Episode grade: B-

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