‘Doctor Who’ season 8, episode 10 review: We see the forest through the trees

Doctor Who -If you love massive crises that take the entire world by storm, then we imagine that you probably did enjoy the new episode of “Doctor Who” on the BBC. It looked as though this episode was all about stopping the world from being overgrown with trees, when instead it ended up being more about why you should go give your favorite tree a hug. Someone call Captain Planet!

There was a bizarre sort of environmental message in here all about the purpose of trees, and the importance of protective the earth. The presence of the children also made this almost feel like an educational tale from time to time.

Then, there was Danny Pink. We thought a few weeks ago that he was excellent as a new character, but we’d grown to like him less and less in recent weeks as he started to be out of the loop when it comes to information. Luckily, it feels like Clara is being forced now to make a real decision when it comes to him, which will surely be helpful in the long-term.

We feel like big-picture, this episode was important for bringing Clara and Danny closer together again in the short-term, and to give us a new sense of the show’s full imagination. With that being said, we have to say that there was not actually a whole lot that blew us away this week beyond seeing London enveloped by trees. We wanted more action, or at least a few more moments like the Doctor calling himself an idiot. Isn’t that always fun? Grade: B-.

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