‘Faking It’ season 2, episode 5 review: Are Karma and Amy drifting closer, or further apart?

Faking It -After many weeks of wallowing in her own sadness over not getting to be with Karma, Tuesday night’s “Faking It” episode showcased Amy probably making her best decision to date if her ultimate endgame here is to actually be in a romantic relationship with Karma: She actually has to let her be herself, and be free to date whoever she wants.

After spending an entire day trying to make Karma’s 16th birthday really all about the two of them (complete with super-sweet gestures, but also reminders that these two should be the only people in their worlds), Amy finally realized that trying to keep Karma from Liam was a mistake. She was making the two give constantly-longing looks at one another when it was clear that they wanted to be together, but weren’t just so it wouldn’t hurt her feelings.

In the end, maybe Karma realizes that she doesn’t really want to be with him, and that much of the attraction was due to him constantly being the forbidden fruit. For a while, it was due to them pretending to be together, and then it was because of Amy. If Karma realizes in her own time that she doesn’t love Liam, that is better for Amy in the end. If she ends up staying with him forever, then it saves her future heartbreak. The episode painted this well, though there is still a chance that there will be more heartbreak when Karma inevitably learns that Amy and Liam slept together.

As for the rest of the story, it was mostly humorous in seeing Shane try to prove to Liam and Lauren’s new love interest Theo that their MMA trainer was gay, and he was right! He may have lost the bet, but probably got another sort of reward in the process. The only thing that’s creepy here? Not knowing how old that trainer is, and then how old Shane is. The Lauren / Theo romance is slightly more interesting, at least in the event that it turns out that Theo is hiding a very similar secret. There are conveniences done all the time for TV, but that may be a little too much.

While this season is somewhat lacking the defining moments for the “Karmy” relationship, Tuesday’s episode was a nice step in the right direction for the show. It demonstrated real growth, and that will be important if fans of these two characters ever want to see them together. Grade: B.

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