‘The Bridge’ cancellation: Could Netflix, AMC, someone else pick up DIane Kruger series?

The Bridge -It used to be that when we wrote about a series ending, that was it. There was no reason to speculate on if it could have a future elsewhere. However, the game has changed here ever so slightly with a crowded TV landscape, and that gives a canceled show like “The Bridge” a little bit of hope.

So following the breaking news, could there be a potential new home for the Diane Kruger – Demian Bichir show? Ultimately, things are not looking good, and we say that as a perennial optimist when it comes to shows getting new life.

We’ve been a huge proponent for “Longmire” the past month or so, but there are some reasons why we were more optimistic there: Its ratings, especially in total viewership, were far and away superior to “The Bridge.” The “Longmire” season 3 finale was watched by nearly 3.7 million viewers; meanwhile, the end of “The Bridge” season 2 barely made it over a million. While most networks care more about the 18-49 demographic, a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon would care more about the viewer totals. Therefore, “The Bridge” would be in danger in both measures.

Also, there’s the issue of ownership. Since “The Bridge” already had FX Productions involved, it had the favoritism of an in-house project that “Longmire” didn’t. If its own studio didn’t want to keep the show around, odds are low that it will be shopped elsewhere unless a network / service were to approach them with an offer. The only hope that it has is that “The Killing” was brought onto Netflix, but it had the benefit of 300,000 or more average viewers an episode along with Netflix already being involved come season 3. Plus, it was more critically acclaimed.

In the end, our advice here is to expect little, and hope to be surprised if something ultimately happens.

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