‘The Blacklist’ season 2, episode 5 review: Who is Zoe D’Antonio; did Liz and Red bond?

The Blacklist logo any seasonThe new episode of “The Blacklist” tonight spent a little of time dancing around some key issues, but by the final ten minutes, things actually started to get somewhat weird, psychological, and interesting.

Basically, it took Liz getting very ill with a virus, caused by the Blacklister of the week, that caused her to admit that she was actually jealous of Reddington’s searching for his likely-daughter Jennifer, who was unveiled now to potentially be a woman named Zoe D’Antonio thanks to the work of Reddington’s guy over at the DMV. (Yep, he has a guy at the DMV, and he needs a new vending machine.)

While the entire FBI looked to stop the curator of the virus, another part of this story revolved largely around seeing Liz try to dodge and get away from Reddington’s tail, including hire some body double who has a habit for stripping.

We found the case of the week to be by and large rather humdrum, mostly because there wasn’t anything that interesting about it. Instead, what made “The Front” interesting was how this story really forced Red and Liz both to think about their pasts in different ways. Liz wondered what sort of life she could have had with Tom had things (and had he) been different, while Reddington looked at home movies before finally uncovering Zoe / Jennifer at a food truck. The story ended there, and that sets up some big reveals for the next episode.

If only there were more this week, we would’ve been far happier. Grade: B.

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