ABC’s ‘Resurrection’ season 2, episode 4 review: Why are the Returned getting sick?

Resurrection -Was there something strange about Sunday night’s “Resurrection“? We would certainly see so, since the was a part of it that almost reminds us more of a “Real Housewives” episode than almost anything else, given how so much of it was confined to a single dinner party.

Basically, this was an excuse for most of the Langston family to air their dirty laundry, and largely attack Barbara for her affair, and how this (in the minds at least of some) led to the death of Jacob, and completely devastated the family. There was shouting, storming out, and then a bizarre moment between Fred and Barbara. The only reason she was there in the first place was because Jacob wanted to apologize for the night she died.

There was a side plot in here where Tom’s wife continued to be surprisingly supportive to Rachael, and we started to wonder whether or not the writers decided to completely turn this character around this season so that this situation was more interesting. Now, if Tom cheats, he may be felt as more of a terrible person than he would have been otherwise.

There was not much of Bellamy at all this week, and maybe that is a part of the awkwardness of this story. Even still, we don’t know what to think about it. The shocker of this week was that some members of the Returned are now sick, and the only thing we have to wonder is if it will set up a more shocking episode than this relatively-boring one. Grade: C.

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