‘Blue Bloods’ season 5, episode 4 review: Was Donnie ruined by police

CBS LogoIf nothing else, you have to give “Blue Bloods” a little bit of credit for being willing to take on some very difficult topics.

Last week, the show aired an episode that was all about sexuality in the New York Police Department, which is something that not everyone else in the force cares to discuss. This time around, the main focal point of discussion was police brutality, especially when it came after Donnie was accused of pushing a man out of a window when he did not. In a way, this story touched on incidents like the one at Ferguson, but also racism and immigration. Also, the circus nature of the media played a role.

Watching the way that Frank delicately handed the situation was fascinating, mostly because his adversary was a powerful and influential church leader … and one who happened to be wrong. It took a lot of shrewd crime-solving to get to the bottom of the case, and it eventually led to him figuring out that there were bribes being made to help a family of illegal immigrants who had a child witness.

Finally, we’ll close with a Jamie / Eddie story, where she basically admitted that she had a little bit of jealousy over him going out with a new doctor that was coming into his life. Are we rooting for these two to be together eventually? Sure, but we’re fine with a slow build, as long as it continues to be organic.

In the end, this was a particularly strong episode of the show, mostly because it took a bold look at something that you would think a CBS show would shy away from. Yet, they did it in a fascinating way that touched on a number of different subjects. Grade: B+.

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Photo: CBS

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