‘Justified’ season 6 spoilers: Ready for some early Boyd Crowder scoop?

Is there ever too early a time to talk a little bit of Boyd Crowder and “Justified”? We don’t think so, which is where the impetus for this entire story comes from. The final season of the drama premieres on FX early next year, and one conflict you can almost definitely expect to see play out is the war between Walton Goggins’ character and … well, pretty much everyone. Not even Ava is fully with him anymore.

So with Ava seemingly working with Raylan now in order to take down Boyd once and for all, you can expect some violence. However, it may also not be something that spawns and takes place immediately. As Goggins tells TV Guide, it may take him a bit to figure out just what Ava is up to:

“Love is a complicated thing and it allows you to see things sometimes that you shouldn’t and not see some things that you should.”

As soon as he does, though, he teases that this is when some of this chaos could truly start to erupt:

“He’s like the Bush administration right after 9/11: Either you’re with me or you’re against me … This is the heavyweight round, and at the end of it there’s going to be one man standing.”

Basically, this is going to be insane. These next few months are going to pretty twisted when it comes to a variety of different FX programming. After all, you’ve got first and foremost the final season of “Sons of Anarchy” to think about, and this is a show with a body count that is most likely only going to get worse and worse. Then, you’ve got a shown like “Justified,” which has plenty of scores to settle before it ends.

Luckily, Goggins gets the luxury to be a part of both.

Be sure to stay tuned, since we’re going to have so much more when it comes to “Justified” news as soon as it becomes available.

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