‘Scorpion’ season 1, episode 4 review: Walter goes to jail, Toby’s gambling woes

Last week on “Scorpion” we finally had some chattering from the team of geniuses about Paige’s purpose on the team (much like we have been all season) and Walter brushed it away saying that he had seen something special in her, just like he had with the other geniuses… expect the other people on his team are actual geniuses and are contributing to the missions and Paige hasn’t been so far. She was brought onto the FBI payroll to basically babysit the geniuses (offer guidance), but so far no one listens to her and we’re not sure what makes her qualified to deal with the psychological issues that this team has. Let’s see if Paige’s worth to the team will be proven to us tonight.

After a few wins under their belt, the Scorpion team has decided to take a private job, even though Cabe doesn’t think they are ready. Because the private job is at a casino, Walter doesn’t want Toby to come (Toby and gambling doesn’t mix), but Paige reminds Walter that they are a team and Toby is part of it. Walter instead makes a bet with Toby that if he doesn’t gamble at all he will give Toby his paycheck and he takes that bet.

Paige is still trying to get the team to listen to her and it’s getting her no where fast. Walter who stood up for her last week is not listening to her at all this week, especially when she pointed out that he was insensitive to Toby being left behind, Sylvester’s fear of flying, and the black jack dealer getting fired because of them.

Once they complete the job and are about to leave the casino it gets robbed and the Scorpion team are the prime suspects ( Walter specifically). When the judge throws Walter in jail with a half million dollar bail, he calls the bet off with Toby and asks him to get his bail. He was able to get half of it before he blew it all on a spin of the roulette wheel and Walter is stuck in jail for the weekend, giving Toby his best “I’m disappointed in you” speech, and eventually breaks himself out of the slammer.

With Walter in jail, Paige seems to be in charge, coming up with theories of who could be responsible and helping to stop the team from freaking out. They work together to figure out who framed them (the daughter of the casino owner) and Paige turns out to be a pretty good leader… not the best, but pretty good.

There were some great moments this week: Toby staring at Happy’s butt and making her uncomfortable, Sylvester having to drive a car and Walter breaking out of prison MacGyver style. We did miss Cabe being a total badass the whole episode, but was happy to see him sweep in and save the day.  Episode grade: B

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Scorpion” and are you a fan of the Paige character more then we are?

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