ABC’s ‘Resurrection’ season 2, episode 3 review: More secrets with the bones

Resurrection -Sunday night’s new episode of “Resurrection” is one that started to unfold and unravel some of the current mysteries in Arcadia, but none are any bigger than the cliffhanger at the end of this past episode.

So what in the world are with those bones? Well, what we know for now is that they are all seemingly from people who returned, and they also may have been murdered for good measure. Therefore, we’ve got ourselves a whodunnit! Go call Giles the Butler! Hey, that show was in this same timeslot.

The hardest part of the episode to swallow was Bellamy wanting to see, and then ultimately looking at, his own dead body. What did he get out of that other than shock? Also, the lengths of what he did to get this reward may question whether or not he is a good guy.

As for the overall content of the episode? Despite Mikey being able to come back super-fast, we’re not sure that this was the episode we were wanting or hoping for. Instead, it was a series of events that led to the bones being taken away, Henry questioning whether he should re-open the factory, and a major decision regarding sending Jacob to school.

Most of this story was enjoyable, but all of this government stuff is making the show a little too large. Plus, we actually like knowing Bellamy is a good guy; not every show needs to have some sort of antihero at the front. Grade: B-.

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