‘The Walking Dead’ season 5 premiere review: Carol the hero, Terminus under siege

The Walking DeadIt has been a long wait since we left Rick and the crew locked up in a train car up at Terminus, but “The Walking Dead” is back tonight with it’s season 5 premiere that we are sure will be filled with fear, excitement and of course… walkers. Lots and lots of walkers.

Our crew have been trying to figure out a way to escape their situation without much luck and have been brought into the dinner preparation area to be knocked out and bled out through their necks (completely horrific and one of the more shocking  scenes we’ve ever seen in “The Walking Dead”). Gareth (leader of the cannibals) threatens to kill Bob if Rick doesn’t tell him what’s in the bag they ditched before coming to Terminus. Before Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob become someone’s meal, gun blasts are heard and the Terminus crew need to deal with being under attack.

Tyreese, Carol and Judith are still on their way to Terminus (seeing Tyreese holding Judith might be the most adorable thing we’ve seen on this show). They find one of the Terminus scouts and learn where Rick’s group is and while Tyreese stays with the scout, Carol heads out to find everyone. The scout gets the jump on Tyreese and threatens to break Judith’s neck if he doesn’t drop his weapon and go outside (which he does). After killing the swarm of walkers, Tyreese busts back into the cabin and beats the scout to death with his bare hands.

Carol reaches Terminus and attacks, but it seems she’s not the only one there and she has a walker army at her disposal (walkers on fire are way more scary then regular walkers).

The attack on Terminus gives Rick a chance to get loose and free Daryl, Bob and Glenn and they help everyone stuck in the train cars escape. Once they escape Rick wants to grab their guns and go back to kill off the rest of them, but when Carol appears hope is restored and we get the Daryl/Carol embrace we’ve all been waiting to see. Rick and Carl being reunited with Judith after so long was also a beautiful moment.

This premiere had it all: Shocking moments, heroic acts and Tyreese cradling a baby (le sigh!) Also watching Carol find Daryl’s crossbow warmed our hearts in a way that only this show does. Our long impatient wait for the premiere did not leave us disappointed in the least – it was pure magic. Episode grade: A

What did you think of the premiere of “The Walking Dead” and which character are you most worried we are going to lose this season? Leave us a comment below and if you want more news on the show then just head over to the link here. Also if you are looking to get more great TV news sent straight to your inbox then be sure to sign up for our weekly newsletter. (Photo Via: AMC)

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