‘Boardwalk Empire’ season 5, episode 6 preview: Hoping that no one does go quietly

There are only three episodes of “Boardwalk Empire” season 5 to go, and the thought of that is almost somewhat frightening when you get a sense of just how much story there is left to tell. Also, the same goes for how it feels like there has not actually been that much story really told so far. What is the show waiting for?

We’ll go ahead and get most of our current complaints out in the following paragraph, just to save a little bit of time. Basically, the HBO series has given us way too many Nucky flashbacks, and not enough scenes of him wheeling and dealing in the presence. Also, when the Daughter – Chalky story is one of the most surprising to this point, you may have a problem.

Hopefully, Sunday night’s “Boardwalk Empire” will prove itself to be the one that you are waiting for, and also the one that turns this slow burn into more of a boil. With just a small handful of episodes left, isn’t it time for something fully crazy to take place? The video does hint at a reasonably epic showdown, one with characters facing off on the street and the possibility of gunplay.

For now, our prediction is this: If we are going to see a tremendous shakeup that involves characters dying, it will probably be either Sunday, or the penultimate episode that follows. Saving the big shockers for the series finale would be no fun at all, given that there is therefore no time to watch any character react to what transpires.

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