‘Watch What Happens Live’: On Teresa Giudice’s latest interview, and TV woes

To us, there is no question that Andy Cohen is responsible for any of us caring about Bravo right now. His work on “The Real Housewives” and “Top Chef” has been nothing short of exceptional, and he also has brought a different voice and perspective to late-night TV, as well.

With all of this being said, was he the right person to interview Teresa Giudice for a special “Watch What Happens Live” two-part event this week? While we watched it and read various reactions, we’re starting to question whether or not his own inherent bias, towards both Bravo and also the reality star, to a certain extent, got in the way.

To be fair to Andy, he did a good job of asking difficult questions. For example, he did challenge Teresa on some purported comments that she made about the scripted nature of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey.” She replied that she was referring to the edited, which led to him asking specifically if someone told her to flip a table. This was him really acting as a defender of his own network, just as much as an interview of Teresa.

The entire special in general had a strange feel, one that felt like two people who knew each other well, but had to put on a specific set of faces for the camera. Given that this interview had to focus on reality TV so much, it was even more awkward given that you were dealing something so very serious in jail time. We did find it interesting, though, that Teresa refused to answer if she would be getting so much jail if she was not on a reality show, which could be a sign that she believes her celebrity status led to the judge thinking that he needed to make an example out of her.

After sitting through all of this, we ultimately feel a little more like this interview would have been done better by someone from the outside, who has little knowledge of the show and can look at things in a different light. Andy tried to be fair, but had to do so while also keeping everything within the lens of the network she and Teresa are on.

What do you think: Did you enjoy this series of interviews, or was all of it a little too much? Share with a comment.

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