‘Blue Bloods’ season 5, episode 3 preview: Frank tackles a tough issue

CBS LogoIf there is one group in New York City that many, police and politicians alike, are afraid of, it is the church.

Therefore, it is pretty safe to say that Frank is in a pretty major pickle on Friday night’s new episode of “Blue Bloods” after angering the archdiocese with his comments on a particular issue. Does he stand by them? Definitely, but he still has to figure out how to smooth things over.

The focus of this preview is pretty simple: He has to figure out a way to make the church less angry and to backtrack in that sense, but not change his stance on the issue at hand. This is not where he excels, and he’s going to need a little bit of help.

Ultimately, the hard problem for him here is that we’re not quite sure he is ever going to be able to figure this out without disappointing someone in one camp or the other. This is just the way that politics works sometimes when you are dealing with serious issues like this. The only thing that he can really hope for in the end here is that he doesn’t have a situation here where he just ends up angering everyone. That, at this point, is the last thing that you want to do in such a situation.

If you do want to get some further news related to “Blue Bloods” right now, just be sure to come back a little bit later on Friday. That’s when we will have both a review for Friday’s episode, and a preview for what lies ahead.

Photo: CBS

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