‘Scorpion’ spoilers: Will Katharine McPhee sing this season?

If there is one thing that you have to expect from “Scorpion” this season, it is to utilize the musical talents of Katharine McPhee. She first found fame as a contestant on “American Idol,” and had a brief career in pop music before becoming a “Smash” star and now a regular here.

So when you consider just about every part of this, can you really be too shocked that she will partake in a little singing during the show’s first season? You really shouldn’t be. As an “insider” tells TVLine, there is going to be at least one moment coming up in the eighth episode where McPhee sings a few notes, saying that it does not make a whole lot of sense to hire McPhee, and then not have her do something that she is particularly known for.

While we’re not a big fan at all of out-of-context singing, for us this is good news here if only to flesh out the character a little more. This past episode, there was a story mostly revolving around why she was even there, and that is a question we have ourselves wondered. If this show is viewed as a serious version of “The Big Bang Theory,” then you have to look at her as the more-serious version of Kaley Cuoco’s Penny. Her job is to bring a different element into the show, something that the other characters lack, and a humanity that a certain demographic may be able to connect to more than a group of geniuses trying to solve crimes.

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