‘The Blacklist’ season 2, episode 3 review: A dream, Naomi Hyland, and James Covington

The Blacklist logo any seasonTonight, “The Blacklist” aired “Dr. James Covington,” which was one of the most intriguing episodes of the season so far, and also one of the most morally gray.

After all, the Blacklister this time may not be someone wholly evil, though he does do evil things. Dr. Covington tries to save the lives of children using the organs of adults, but he also did keep very bad people alive for a huge sum of money. It’s a complicated moral quandary, but one that Liz Keen did not have too many problems with surprisingly. This led to one of the night’s more chilling moments, when Ressler made it crystal clear just how much he felt that Liz has changed since the beginning of the series.

In closing, how about that closing scene with Tom? This proved to us mostly that the show still had plans for Ryan Eggold’s character with that creepy new beard that he has. It’s somewhat strange that she dreamed about him with a different appearance than what we know him to have, but maybe that is something important to keep track of for later.

While Reddington dealt with a traitor in the midst, in addition to Paul Reubens’ character of Mr. Vargas (pictured), one of the most important surprises was saved until the end when he met up with Naomi at some cabin in the middle of nowhere. Clearly, she is not happy to see him, and we cannot really say that we blame her much at all.

“Dr. James Convington” was a thrilling episode, even if it started a little slow. Thanks to what happened, we now believe that big things will come the rest of the way. Grade: B+.

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