‘Scorpion’ season 1, episode 3 review: The team questions Paige’s value

We are back again tonight to review episode three of “Scorpion” and hoping for a little more character development tonight. We get that these four main characters are geniuses (and we are not currently including Paige as one of these characters since at this point she really isn’t needed for the story) and that they have social problems about opening up, but we loved that we learned a little more about Toby, Sylvester and Happy last week. We want more!

Walter, Happy, Toby and Sylvester are being put through army exercises to try to see if they could be useful in military situations, but they clearly need some training as Sylvester has a panic attack and the whole training mission goes down the tubes (it doesn’t help that Happy also attacked a marine). Walter blames the marines saying they cost them 26 seconds that would’ve made all the difference. Either way, the task force is shelved until they can get it together. Even though the team is told that they can’t help on the case of the week, they show up anyways and offer their insight: Their way of redeeming themselves.

When Paige shows up at the Scorpion head quarters, Toby reveals everyone’s psychological issues (really serious stuff), and basically shuts her out, because he doesn’t seem to think she has much to offer (and we tend to agree at this point). When Sylvester also says that he doesn’t get Paige’s importance, Walter says that he sees something in her… I hope we see that at some point too because we are with Toby and Sylvester at this point since it seems that she can’t control this team at all and that’s her “job”.

Paige finally sits down with Walter and tells him that if they keep boxing her out, and not listening to her advice that she will continue to be useless to them. She finds her voice and comes up with an idea that the geniuses couldn’t see concerning the case of the week. Is this really that believable?

We are completely buying into the ‘Scorpion” genius team – they’ve got us hooked, but we are struggling so much with the idea that a waitress is on an FBI payroll as a babysitter and is coming up with ideas that four geniuses can’t figure out themselves. Her emotional support or teaching Walter how to be a little more human doesn’t deserve a big fat pay cheque. Also… Robert Patrick is a total badass with a chain. Episode grade: C

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Scorpion” and are you a fan of the Paige character more then we are?

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