‘Madam Secretary’ episode 4 preview: ‘Just Another Normal Day’ for Tea Leoni, cast

Sometimes when you see a title like “Just Another Normal Day,” it’s hard to get excited about an episode of the show. However, we anticipate that there is something so much more with this “Madam Secretary” episode.

Through three episodes, we will at least say that the show is starting to form some sort of pattern. We see Elizabeth take on a job that challenges her despite her various qualifications, and at the same time, we see her try to handle some situation at home that is far more innocent on the surface. Lo and behold, this is what you are also going to see on CBS this week. For some further scoop on what you can expect, just take a look at the official synopsis below:

“While Elizabeth works to successfully broker a peace treaty between China and Japan, a Chinese student seeking political asylum threatens the deal. Meanwhile, tensions rise at home between Alison and Stevie during Alison’s sleepover party.”

Do we enjoy the show? For now yes, with Tea Leoni and Tim Daly being the real reasons why. Still, we find ourselves wanting more of a “Good Wife” approach to the balance between work and family, since we find what is going on for Elizabeth in the office to be much more intriguing than what she is doing at home. After all, the whole “balancing work and a family” trope is familiar to many TV viewers, whereas there are some new directions that being Secretary of State could go that have not been fully done before. We’ll just have to see what happens.

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