CBS’ ‘CSI: Las Vegas’ season 15, episode 2 review: Russell digs into Jared Briscoe’s past

Last week on the season premiere of “CSI” we were left with a pretty major cliffhanger: The idea that Russell put the wrong man on death row and that the actual killer is still out there and wants to disgrace Russell’s reputation.

We weren’t sure if we were going to see any more on the Briscoe brothers and the threat on Russell on this week’s episode, but “CSI” was generous with this juicy story and kept the drama going (at least a little bit). Jared and his twin Paul claim they didn’t know about each other until Paul saw Jared on the news, but Russell and Julie aren’t convinced and are digging into adoption papers and foster care.

Julie heads out to find out more about Jared’s foster records, but isn’t able to find out too much unfortunately (the clerk is being difficult). What she was able to find though was a dinner date with Daniel, so for those of you out there that want to see a little more Daniel and Julie romance in your lives, it looks like we will be getting much more of that this season.

As for the case of the week: We had a medical marijuana dealer’s wife and kids kidnapped for ransom, only to learn that it was his own wife who planned the whole thing from the beginning. This story didn’t push our main over all arch of the season, but it was an interesting twist that we didn’t see coming and for a show that’s been on the air for 15 seasons, we like that “CSI” can still do that to us sometimes.

We were thrilled that “CSI” didn’t bury last week’s cliffhanger deeper into the season and can’t wait to see how this all unfolds for Russell. This is the type of cat and mouse game we live for. Episode grade: B+

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