‘Downton Abbey’ season 5, episode 3 spoilers: The sorrow of Brendan Coyle’s Bates

Bates -Where do we expect the story to go from here on “Downton Abbey” moving forward? Well, there is one thing we know already about Mr. Bates’ storyline moving into Sunday night’s third episode: Things are not looking too rosy. (Warning: Spoilers ahead for Americans!)

The last time that we saw the character, he was unknowingly in a position where his actions against Mr. Green may come back to haunt him severely. Someone was sniffing around the Abbey with questions, and saying in particular that there may have been a witness to what happened, which caused the footman to lose his life.

Is this really the case? We wonder, given that the show has not even 100% proved that Bates killed Green just yet, and for a man who spent some time in jail before, you would think that Bates would be very careful.

If he does go back to jail, this may be a failure all around. Brendan Coyle has already had this storyline for one, and we don’t like the show treading on old territory. Also, it would completely devastate Anna, and we don’t really have that much of a desire to see the character sad.

The real conflict here goes like this. There really should be consequences for all those who do immoral things, and you have to include what Bates may have done in here. However, there is a distinction between what should happen for him, and what we want to see happen. We have to find a way to reconcile that as a viewer.

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Photo: ITV

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