‘Once Upon a Time’ season 4, episode 2 video: Finally, a Ginnifer Goodwin sneak peek

Once -Where has Ginnifer Goodwin been on “Once Upon a Time“? This is understandably a question that many would have at the moment, given that she was not around very much for the season 4 premiere.

Our guess at the moment is pretty simple: It was easy to not include her heavily in “A Tale of Two Sisters,” especially since it was more of the story of Anna and Elsa. In addition to that, you have to remember that Goodwin just welcomed her first child with Josh Dallas over the summer, and with that in mind, we wouldn’t be surprised if the show used Snow White sparingly over the first few episodes of the season, that way she can work on balancing being a new mom with work at the same time. We’re sure that it helps that the family is all in Vancouver together, and are able to spend time with each other when not filming. Otherwise, this would be an extremely difficult situation.

If you love Snow, then the big thing to take away from this sneak peek is simply how funny this is. As a matter of fact, it has to be one of our favorite sneak peeks featuring Snow that we’ve seen on the show in a very long time. The character is understandably very exhausted and stressed-out, given that in the timeline of the show, even less time has passed since giving birth than in real life for Goodwin. Also, it does seem like the residents of Storybrooke would know by now to get a flashlight.

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Photo: ABC

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