‘Blue Bloods’ season 5, episode 2 review: Second chances, Erin and Danny’s dispute

CBS LogoTonight on “Blue Bloods,” tension was the name of the game, and it really didn’t depend where you were looking within the Reagan family.

The biggest source of the conflict was between Danny and Erin, who could not figure out the right way to deliver justice for the family of Isabelle Green. Danny wanted to investigate a man in Damon who had seemingly turned his life around after a tough time, and even wanted to take him in. However, Erin and the D.A. saw no reason to go further, and also cited him turning his life around and being a powerful force in the community as a result.

Ultimately, these themes of second chances came back completely after Isabelle’s father allegedly shot Damon, but he let him off the hook by claiming that he never saw who was the responsible party in the shooting. Erin at least got to unwind a little courtesy of her new boyfriend, but we’re not quite sure we like him just yet.

Meanwhile, Frank was dealing with an incredibly difficult decision of his own: Whether or not to ignore the misgivings of a longtime member of the force close to retirement, or to actually punish him for drinking while on the job. He did not want to humiliate the guy, but sometimes, you don’t have much of a choice. What actually came out of this was an interesting story all about the struggles that come with retirement, especially for a police officer who has done this all their lives. What lies ahead? That uncertainty is scary, and can drive you to do dark things.

We enjoyed how this was an episode geared more about characters and the decisions that they made, and not about just trying to solve yet another case. This is what separates “Blue Bloods” at times from the other cop shows across the board. Grade: B.

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