‘The Amazing Race 25’ episode 2 review: When nature calls…

Amazing Race -If we were to listen to the edit tonight on “The Amazing Race,” it is that being a longtime fan of the show is really no benefit to you at all when you are actually on it. The two teams fighting for last place, after all, had both prepared for this like nobody’s business.

At first, what we really didn’t like about this episode is how obvious the editing was. Shelley & Nici went from being not entirely interesting the first leg to getting a ton of airtime tonight. We don’t know how it could’ve been clearer that they were at least in big danger. Also, they violated the long-standing rule of “don’t pee in the creek.” For those of you who watched the Australian version of the show this summer, Tyson from Sally & Tyson is giving them a high five.

The good news for Shelley & Nici is that there was another team in Dennis & Isabelle that bombed just as badly in that boating task after the Detour, and they had just as many tears. Somehow, team #MomDaughter (awful hashtag) managed to come together despite that terrible edit and all of their mistakes on a boat, and Dennis & Isabelle could not catch up. We’re really bummed that they are go. They seem to be really cool, really sweet people, and they took their elimination so hard.

The rest of the episode was a lot of fun, mostly because nobody cried or peed in a large body of water. The Detour was complete a routine with the Royal Guard, or flip pancakes in a race. We would’ve picked the guard, but the other looked like a whole lot more fun. Adam & Bethany were the only team to really dominate with the pancakes, and they manage to overcome the dentists and win first place. Not only that, they got an Express Pass in what was a very cool little twist, setting it up almost like a Fast Forward where you had to go and find it.

As for some other odds and ends:

  • All of the judges tonight were hysterical, and we were entertained from start to finish with the master of the guard berating people.
  • How cheesy was most of the leg? It was leg Britain from a children’s book, even if we still really liked it.
  • Brooke & Robbie are probably operating about 30% as good as they should be, given that they are in such good shape.

Overall, a fun, but imperfect episode that was at least cooler than the premiere. The editing was a little frustrating, but the fact that we didn’t see Dennis & Isabelle leaving helps to make up for it. Grade: B.

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