‘Shark Tank’ preview: SoapSox, Ninja Cards, HeartPup, and a Villy Customs update

Shark Tank -Tomorrow night, the sharks will be back once again, which means another “Shark Tank” preview today! We’ve got what looks to be a pretty fun episode coming up, so why not do our best to preview it now?

We’ll start as always with the synopsis below, since that’s really how we are able to do so much of our own pre-show research going in:

“Two men from Alhambra, CA tout the benefits of their stuffed animals that are washcloths, too, as being the perfect bath time treat for kids; a dog lover from Los Angeles takes her pup everywhere she goes with her handmade wearable sling which comes in luxurious materials and the Sharks are charmed by entrepreneurs dressed like ninjas demonstrating a darts-like card game – but will they bite? And, a follow up story on Villy Customs, a custom bike company from Dallas Texas in which Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran invested in season 3.”

Typically, we only single out two products, but this time around there are three that we feel a certain level of interest in (even if we’re not sure we would buy any of them). Update: Read our review of tonight’s episode now!

SoapSox – Really cute, and one of the best ideas for a toy on the show. We’re not the target audience for this product in the slightest, but we see the appeal.  $19.95 doesn’t seem like a completely ridiculous price, but the alternative for many may just be wrapping up a bar of soap in a washcloth. It’s not a necessary purchase for any parent by any means, and we see this more for parents with a little disposable income who don’t want to listen to their kids complaining about baths every time it happens.

Ninja Cards – This sounds completely silly, but we like ninjas. We’d probably play if it we were at a party, but paying for it? That is so hard in a modern games market. You have to educate people on how to play it, and then make it worth their while to actually buy it. The only real sales strategy here is develop a gimmick first, and then hope for word of mouth. For fun, we’ve enclosed a video at the bottom of this article.

HeartPup – Yep, it’s a sling for dogs. We love dogs, and we actually own one that’s small enough to fit into one of these. With that being said, paying this much money (most of them run over $100) for a sling is a ton of cash, especially when you could always just carry your dog. The only real time we could see this being useful is if we were going somewhere far with the dog, or somewhere that would make it difficult for the dog to walk like a busy street.

Which one of these products are you the most interested in? Let us know in the comments, and click here if you do want to read our most-recent “Shark Tank” review. Also, sign up now for some further TV scoop on all we cover via our CarterMatt Newsletter.

Photo: ABC

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