‘Survivor: San Juan del Sur’ episode 3 preview: John Rocker exposed

Survivor -Well, you probably knew this was going to happen from the moment “Survivor” cast John Rocker for this “San Juan del Sur” season: He was going to go off, and someone was going to start slinging a little bit of mud about the comments that he’s made in the past.

That someone is going to be Jeremy, and the irony here is that Rocker was actually trying to do the right thing for a change! He wanted to protect Val by telling her to play her idol, but little did she realize that she was a little too good of a layer. This led to a vote-splitting, which in turn led to her getting voted out. Not one of her better days, and we say this as someone who seriously thought Val was going to make some major noise in this game.

Meanwhile, John is going to start making noise back in the game itself, talking trash and apparently threatening to beat people up. The guy’s got an idol, so presumably he could stay put for a little while. We hate to say it, but there is a good strategy in dragging him to the end and letting him believe that he really is the king. That way, you get a million bucks. With his girth, he’s not going to win those end-of-season endurance challenges anyway.

We’re really not trying to be the site that talks about Rocker all the time, but the problem is that he’s found a way to inject himself right in the story. Thanks to that, he is really hard to ignore.

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Photo: CBS

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