‘Faking It’ season 2, episode 2 review: Lauren opens up, but is there other progress?

Faking It -If we were to compare the story development of MTV’s “Faking It” right now to the world of cooking, we would say that the show is letting their stories marinate for a little while. They are not in any hurry to make the big reveals happen, and almost want to build characters back up before tearing them down again.

A good example of that is how the show made no major strides in the Karma / Amy storyline this week, at least other than that the two figured out a few more boundaries to how they will keep their friendship tight moving forward. Karma may not have romantic feelings for Amy, even though there is a part of her that wishes that she did, but she does want to make Amy uncomfortable in any way. Ultimately, Amy wants the same thing in that regard … though she’s not exactly handling it in the right way. She lied about why she wanted Lauren around for the sleepover, and it was not because her being intersex suddenly humanized her.

Lauren’s story actually was the most interesting this week, since Amy’s encouragement led to her telling the truth about who she is to some of her friends (who were donning #Karmy t-shirts, a clear nod to the fan base out there). Meanwhile, she decided to be a confidant about Amy and Liam being together, deciding to keep the secret much in the way that Shane plans on keeping the secret about her pills. Still, we feel like this is going to come out eventually, and the results will be devastating. Right now, Karma and Liam are still avoiding each other, mostly because they know what being together would do to her best friend.

Meanwhile, the whole subplot with Shane, Liam, and Theo really seemed to not exist for a reason other than to show that Liam is acting out in the wake of what happened, and ticking off people who have supported him through almost anything.

This episode had a few laughs and made some moves forward, even though we know that there are some ‘shippers out there who wish Karma had gone through with the kiss. We do wish there were was a little more comedy in here; as for the pace, we really don’t mind so long as these stories have a huge payoff in the end. Grade: B.

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