NBC’s ‘The Voice’ review: Bree Fondacaro, Anita Antoinette, Blessing Offor, Cole Wilkinson audition

The Voice -This is “The Voice” … again! The third round of Blind Auditions aired Monday night, and NBC can once again feel pretty good about the contestants that they have … but not amazing.

We’re still sitting here and wondering whether or not they have artists on the show that are blowing anyone away, and could genuinely sell a ton of records and be a phenom after the show. The irony Monday was that the one singer we feel probably had the best chance at a viral following is one they sent home.

With this exception, every other singer discussed below advanced. We’re focusing mostly on the ones that actually had airtime.

John Martin, “Sweet Pea” – A very sweet, commercial singer. He is someone who is basically perfect for Blake Shelton’s team when you think about it. He may not be in the perfect genre, but he can still give him the sort of music that most of America knows and loves alread.y Team Blake.

Jessie Pitts, “The Story” – Had we not had a Melanie Martinez or a Dia Frampton on the show before, we’d say that Jessie is very unique. She does have a voice that is different, but we’ve heard that sort of different on the show before. Gwen Stefani may not have watched those past few seasons, though, so she may be able to approach this with a reasonably open mind. Team Gwen.

Ricky Manning, “Love Me Again” – Out of the advancing artists so far on the show, Ricky has the most potential. This rendition didn’t have the vocal firepower that he has within him, but it was a cool rendition of the song. He may get better as the season goes on. Team Pharrell.

Kelli Douglas, “Danny’s Song” – We almost thought for sure that Kelli was going to pick Blake that the moment he turned around, but we’re happy that she didn’t. We want her to last a while. She has a natural storytelling vibe to her, and a good attitude. Team Adam.

Blessing Offor, “Just the Two of Us” – Blessing’s a cool dude with a cool story. The singing voice is smooth, and while we liked it, everything was rather predictable. He hit most of the notes we expected, and he picked the coach we expected. Team Pharrell.

Troy Ritchie, “Out of My League” – There’s a chance for him to be a resident rocker this season, since this performance had the energy and for the most part the singing. He didn’t have much of a choice in coach. Team Gwen.

Cole Wilkinson, “Classic” – This was the shocker of the night. He didn’t go through, and we feel like if this was any other show, he would have gone straight through to the next round and probably the love shows. Kid looks like Niall Horan and could have thousands of female followers overnight.

Mia Pfirrman, “Unconditionally” – We almost thought for a while that she wasn’t going to get a chair, and she got all four. We were a little surprised by that. Some notes were off, but there is a huge range and a ton of potential. Plus, she’s only 19. We appreciated her choice here, mostly because Adam was the most hard on her, and will probably push her. Team Adam.

Bree Fondacaro – We love the tone of her voice, and this could be one of the sleeps of the entire competition. She could be that one person on Team Blake who is not a country singer, but could go very far in the competition. Team Blake.

Anita Antoinette, “Turn the Lights Down Low” – Our favorite contestant of the entire season so far. We’re partial to Bob Marley, but we felt almost every single note of this. We hope she makes it far, and we continue to hear more great music like this. We knew based on her pitch that she’d pick Gwen. Team Gwen.

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Photo: NBC

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