‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ season 2 premiere review: Three cheers for Terry Crews

Brooklyn -While we most likely will not be reviewing every episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” this season (Sunday nights are a little insane!), we wanted to at least chime in here with some early comments on the start of season 2 … which we’re pleased to say is just as hilarious as anything in season 1.

Given the large ensemble, sometimes the cast members had to make the most of little moments … and they certainly did here. For example, Terry Crews was king this week for having to go along with Captain Holt’s latest “training tool,” which was him having to run around and play various characters going into the police station for help. Seeing Terry as a seven-year old boy was a personal favorite.

What was especially funny about this is that while Andy Samberg was the lead of the show, he was not saddled with most of the comedy. That instead went to Boyle, who tried to be a partner to him as Jake tried to figure out some resolution for his undercover mission, and also Gina as she tried to prepare herself for a low social status in the wake of sleeping with Boyle at the end of last season. The two getting drunk and accidentally sleeping with each other again? Even more hilarious, and it makes you wonder whether or not these two could be an actual couple again.

There were many funny moments sprinkled throughout here, from finding out about Holt’s boyhood diary to a nice little guest-starring role from Jenny Slate. This may be proof that many “Parks and Recreation” actors could come over here at some point, given the presence of Mike Schur with both shows.

As for Jake and Amy, she’s still with Teddy, and due to that, we expect their relationship to be on the backburner a little while. That’s fine with us, given that the series is still early into its run, and while there are sometimes characters who are just as interesting together as apart (Ben and Leslie, April and Andy), there are others who we feel got a little boring after they were paired up (Jim and Pam, Nick and Jess).

Ultimately, what you should know is that “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a very funny show, and one you really should be watching if you weren’t already. Episode Grade: A-.

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