‘Scorpion’ season 1, episode 2 review: Walter opens up about his sister

Scorpion -There are some really great aspects to CBS’ new show “Scorpion”: Who doesn’t love a show about a bunch of socially awkward genius nerds! At the same time we are not completely sold on the idea of the waitress with the genius son since it’s an idea we’ve seen many, many, many times before on TV and at this point, the character isn’t really needed… we of course hope that this changes as the show is flushed out. Let’s see how it unravels tonight…

We learn that Walter’s sister, Megan, has MS and he has always felt guilty that he could fix anything, but not her problem. He is close with her, she has always looked out for him and he never talks about her. Walter gets a letter from the assisted living home that his sister lives at saying that her condition is progressing and he doesn’t know how to channel his feelings about it. When Walter gets his first pay cheque he uses it to help his sister.

It was nice to see some of the other characters getting a bit of a story line: We learned that Toby has a woman he loves that he borrowed a lot of money from and he’s trying to make things right so that they can get back together, but she has moved on. We also learned that Happy was given away by her parents at a very young age and learned never to trust people, so she has never let anyone get too close to her. And Sylvester hates money, so he has been giving it away to children in need.

We completely buy into the four geniuses (love them and their dynamic) and we want to like Paige, but she just doesn’t fit into this premise. There is no real need for her or her son at this point except to teach Walter more about himself (and he her child)…. which is fine, but why is she on the FBI payroll? This character needs a lot more work. Episode grade: C

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Photo: CBS

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