‘Chicago Fire’ season 3, episode 2 preview: Severide and Lindsay meet up

In the wake of what happened during the “Chicago Fire” premiere this past week, one thing is clear: Everyone is going to have a hard time moving forward. Dealing with death is not an easy thing for anyone, and it doesn’t matter if you are in a job where you almost expect death at around every turn.

In the video below, we get some further evidence that Severide does at least have a little bit of support right now coming from Lindsay. She crosses over from “Chicago PD” for at least one scene here, as the two talk about how he is feeling right now in the wake of everything. The two make plans for later, and that is it.

The only thing that we’re surprised about in watching this is how the two still seem to be acting like a very new couple. Shouldn’t they be a little further along by now? Maybe part of the problem here is that with their respective jobs and schedules, it may not be that easy for the two of them to actually spend time together. Maybe that will change moving into this season, but we doubt it. How is one of them going to get a lighter schedule all of a sudden? It just feels doubtful given what they have going on.

There is so much more coming on “Chicago Fire,” and that is something that we will dive into deeper as time goes on. Stay tuned; we’re going to have some much more from this episode moving forward.

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