‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ season 2 premiere video: What’s next for Gina and Boyle?

What is this craziness? A live-action comedy airing on Sunday night?

There is a part of us that is still struggling with the fact that “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was moved from Tuesday night to Sundays this full, even though we do still feel like this is the right move for the show in the end. It has a male audience that will be fairly loyal, and it has a great lead-in now courtesy of Animation Domination and even football on some select weeks. While it may be an adjustment, and it may be many years since Fox really did this sort of thing often, we do feel like it is a net positive.

So in looking towards Sunday night’s premiere episode, one of the biggest questions worth asking is ultimately a pretty simple one: What in the world is going to happen next for Gina and Boyle? The last time we saw these characters together, they were in bed. Now, they are going to try to keep that a secret. In the sneak peek, though, the two realize they have a major problem: Boyle is completely incapable of keeping anything a secret from Jake, who has just returned after an undercover mission that lasted for months.

As for another couple in Jake and Amy, expect to see his confession at least addressed in the premiere … but this show is not going to be getting sappy about it anytime soon. Remember here that Andy Samberg’s character often fancies himself a clown.

What do you think about this video, and how long do you think it will take for this secret to get out? (For the time being, we are betting on “not very long at all.”) Share some of your thoughts with a comment.

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