‘Shark Tank’ review: Kronos Putters, Roominate, Floating Mug, and Wedding Wagon

The latest -For its second episode of season 6, “Shark Tank” gave us what we feel was a whole lot of fun. There were some good products, but just as much entertainment from start to finish. Just the Wedding Wagon alone was worth the prize of admission.

As we said in our original review tonight, what we do here is give our take on all of the products, along with whether or not any of the sharks were willing to bite.

Roominate – In theory, we like this idea a lot. It is a toy that plays like a toy, but at the same time it encourages construction and creativity. That is a great tool for creativity in young people.

Sales-wise, we almost wonder why they even need the Shark Tank. They’re making plenty of cash already! We’re not surprised that this is a high valuation. They didn’t get Kevin O’Leary, but they got a great one-two punch of Mark Cuban, who felt super-inspired by their story, and Lori Greiner.

The Floating Mug – We like the product all right, and we used a ton of mugs. The issue is that there is not a proof of concept right now, and it probably will have trouble competing against cheaper mugs and coasters. We actually would pay a little more money for something like this, but we are the minority here. His glass with a water-catch may actually be an even better product than the mug. No deal.

The Wedding Wagon – A great idea for Las Vegas, but a terrible idea anywhere else. The pitch was even worse, given that they already sold their business in Sin City, which is where they would have the majority of their success in the first place. There’s almost nothing else here to even discuss thanks to their epic failure here. No deal.

Kronos – We know next to nothing about quality putters, but what we know is that this product is based mostly on trying to create the best one possible with the best materials. Their obstacles here are that the putter is expensive, they don’t sell well in America right now, and they need to acquire customers. This did really get into sad-story territory, but we feel like this is such a special situation that we were actually touched by it … and that is very rare. We’re glad Robert Herjavec invested, even if we’ll probably never be a golfer.

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