ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 4, episode 1 preview: Watch a Emily VanCamp sneak peek!

Emily -Is it possible to feel sorry for Victoria Grayson, even after everything that she has put Emily Thorne and company through? This is a question that the “Revenge” sneak peek below makes you wonder.

While Victoria may be in many ways completely insane, and even more emotional than usual thanks to her being locked up behind bars, we do have to say that she actually does have a few good points here in her conversation with Emily VanCamp’s character. She claims that the two really do need to just “end the cycle,” due mostly to everything that one has done to the other. Victoria took away Emily’s childhood and presumably her father, while in turn Emily took away the man Victoria loved, her status, and now even her house.

Unfortunately for Victoria, Emily is not going to be letting this one go anytime soon. Instead, she seems willing to torment the Grayson family matriarch in new ways never before possible. The great news for Emily is that it is easy to boast when you are sitting atop the throne. The bad news for Emily? That when you are sitting atop a throne, it is very easy to fall. She is going to have to watch out throughout the episodes ahead, and not just because of Victoria. Other problems will befall her, with one of them being that her own father David Clarke is still alive.

We’re going to have some more sneak-peek coverage soon, and maybe that will tell us either more about Emily’s vulnerabilities, or is Victoria has any hope of getting out of this asylum with any sanity still intact.

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Photo: ABC

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