‘Shark Tank’ preview: The Floating Mug, the Wedding Wagon, and a Simple Sugars update

Shark Tank -What’s this? Another preview for Friday’s “Shark Tank” premiere? We typically only do one of these a week, but thanks to there being two separate episodes tonight, we’ve got you two separate previews to spotlight a pair of the most-interesting products (at least to us). Part of the fun with these is finding out if these are successful when you actually hear the pitch, and see the product in action.

As always, we start with the synopsis, and a reminder that the panel of sharks for this second episode is everyone other than Daymond John:

“Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O’Leary renew their vows of ‘Shark Love’ when two men from Las Vegas, NV pitch an innovative way to tie the knot with their mobile wedding service. Two young women from Palo Alto, CA hope to empower the next generation of female engineers and innovators with their inspirational toys. A family man from Mooresville, NC believes that an investment by the Sharks in his elegant and functional porcelain coffee mug will mean a better future for his family. Two men from Oceanside, CA and Chandler, AZ pitch their design of a finer, more precise golf putter.”

To us, we’re going with entertaining plus function with our two spotlights for now.

The Wedding Wagon – This sounds like a way to take your wedding on the go and make it extremely easy, much in the way that those quick wedding chapels are. We feel like this is going to be an extremely funny pitch to watch, and who knows? They may get something. We’d be doubtful if they were anywhere other than Las Vegas, but this is the quick-and-cheap wedding capital of the world.

The Floating Mug – This to us actually feels like a stronger candidate for investment, and something that would actually buy. The design helps to prevent the formation of condensation, especially in a way that makes a mess. As someone who drinks a ton of coffee and water throughout the day at our desk, and as someone who is a little messy, we appreciate the idea here. Now, we just have to see what their asking price, margins, and other factors are to determine if they are able to secure an investment.

Also, you can expect an update tonight on Simple Sugars, which has been a popular product featured on the show over the years.

If you missed it, head over here to see our other “Shark Tank” preview, and we’ll be back with our full assessment of the products tonight. We are no business expert like a Kevin O’Leary, but we are a consumer, and someone who has watched a ton of this show over the years.

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Photo: The CW

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