‘The Blacklist’ season 2, episode 2 video: Dive into ‘Monarch Douglas Bank’

The Blacklist logo any seasonJust as you would imagine, the story on “The Blacklist” is only beginning to get intense right now. The premiere episode was entitled “Lord Baltimore,” and it helped to set up what are some of the present circumstances.

Basically, the situation we are going into for Monday night’s new episode is as follows: Naomi Hyland (Mary-Louise Parker) was captured by Berlin, who is a very different sort of villain than any we have seen on the show as of late. He’s not out to destroy all of the world; instead, he is merely out for revenge against one man in Raymond Reddington. He is an “eye for an eye” sort of guy clearly, and he wants to take away something that Red at least cared about … at one point, anyway. The real question we wonder right now is why Berlin is targeting someone who has not been in Red’s life for decades.

As for what happens next to Naomi, she is at least about to lose a tooth, and many more terrible things could be coming up for her. Meanwhile, we are going to see another mission that involves robbing a bank, of all things. This should be extremely dramatic and plenty of fun to watch, even if there are questions about how it ties together. Our suggestion? Remember here that somehow, most plotlines right now do relate back to Berlin in some shape or form. Be sure to keep track of that.

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Photo: NBC

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